How Commercial Felt is Made! Tour Through a Felt Factory! – Felting

I thought it might interested you folks today, to have a look at how commercial felt is made!  It gives us a little insight into the process and I actually found it quite intriguing.  If you have access to local growers and those who process their own fibre as well you can see how it has been adapted for use on a smaller scale as well as the reverse!

This company produces felt for decor mostly and if you have a look through their portfolio you will see some amazing uses for the thick and colourful textile they produce using this natural and vibrantly coloured fibre.

1 Mm Thick Felt - Etsy

To check out the creation process check out the link here.

How Felt is Made - FilzFelt

And to see more of what they make check out this link which will take you to the portfolio of their work as used in workplaces.  You can also click the links at the top of the page to see it used in homes, stores and other environments!

I particularly liked this wall from LinkedIn in Toronto so I encourage you to click on the photos you like to see closer images of this amazing work!

LinkedIn - Toronto Offices | Office Snapshots

     LinkedIn Toronto - Portfolio - FilzFelt


I hope you enjoy this little educational trip through a felting factory with me!

Happy Felting!


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