House Flipper joins Xbox Game Pass

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In what seems to have been a bit of a surprise, House Flipper has joined the Xbox Game Pass family. House flipper offers you the chance to get into the property game, renovating houses, repairing and remodeling decrepit old cesspits, and flipping for a profit. The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews of late and was already on sale but now it is free for those on Game Pass.

There is a whole host of DLC packs available for those that get a little too into it. Who could blame you though look at what you can do with this game:

  • House Flipper – Luxury DLC
  • House Flipper – Farm DLC
  • House Flipper – Pets DLC
  • House Flipper – Garden DLC
  • House Flipper – HGTV DLC
  • House Flipper – Apocalypse DLC
  • House Flipper – Cyberpunk DLC

Some of these DLC packs are available in bundles, which help you save a bit of money while also giving you access to an obscene amount of houses.

A House Flipper DLC coming soon called ‘The constructors’. This will let you become the owner of a construction company and help rebuild Wondersville’s crumbling urban landscape. Design new neighborhoods, hire contractors to execute your vision, and try to stay calm handling your clients.

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