Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Submarine Key Location

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Struggling to find the Hitman 3 Ambrose Island submarine key location?

We’ve got you covered. Here is where to find the submarine key in the newest free map Ambrose Island.

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Finding the Key

The submarine key is located on the right side of the map, specifically a restricted area.

We advise getting a good disguise, such as a pirate, a guard, or a worker. It will help avoid being detected.

This is also the location where you can often find the pirate leader. Make sure to sneak past or eliminate the enforcers.

Hitman 3 Submarine Key Location on the Map

Image via IO Interactive

This is the exact location of the submarine key on the map. There you’ll find a small lookout tower. The key is located on the left of that high ground.

It’s on one of the crates in the middle of the ruins. There are two guards, but with the right disguise, they shouldn’t be able to see you.

Picking up the key is an illegal activity so make sure you get rid of the guards or distract them first.

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Submarine Key 2
Image via IO Interactive

Submarine Location

After you pick up the submarine key in Hitman 3, you’re ready to go. The submarine is one way of escaping the island after eliminating both targets and disabling the Control Unit.

The submarine itself is located just beneath that cliff where you found the submarine key. To reach it, you need to head north and follow the path downwards.

Now you know the Hitman 3 submarine key location. Make sure to check out some of our other guides on how to find the cigar box or Farah’s coconuts.

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