Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Guide – Targets, Challenges, & More

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This guide will walk you through the latest, free Hitman 3 map – Ambrose Island.

There are a lot of locations, targets, challenges, and environmental kills for you to tick off.

Here’s everything you need to know to best Ambrose Island.

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How to Beat Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

There are, of course, many ways to beat one level in the new Hitman series. We’ll focus on the default location and loadout without any new starting locations unlocked.

Your goal is to eliminate Noel Crest and Sinhi “Akka” Venthan. Additionally, you need to deny access to the Satellite Control Unit.

The default starting location is the Western Beach. First, we want to take out the first target Noel Crest. We’ll use any silenced pistol and coins – a default loadout.

First Target – Noel Crest

You’ll have to analyze the whole map, and how the characters move for your own personal playthrough.

However, there is a way to speed up the kill and not be seen to maintain the Silent Assassin rating.

After re-spawning at the Western Beach run up and slightly to the right until you reach the village.

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Guide Screenshot 1

From there, go right until you spot a barrel next to the stairs. Hide behind one of the houses and shoot the barrel with a silenced pistol.

Then shoot the lamp above the barrel to create an electrifying puddle. If you did it in a timely manner the first target Noel Crest should be walking over it really soon.

You can also shoot the barrel from up the stairs on the left. There is a crack in the wood and if you use your Hitman instinct you’ll see it highlighted in yellow.

All of that should take you around a minute.

Ambrose Island Akka

Second Target – Sinhi ‘Akka’ Venthan

Onto your second target, Sinhi ‘Akka’ Venthan. Go to the left of the village and jump over the fenced gate.

There will be two cameras up on the pole that you can shoot to make this trick easier.

If you want to get the Silent Assassin rating, distract the guard that is standing next to a fire barrel.

All you need to do is just wait in the bush to the left of the pole. The target will head down and next to the barrel fairly soon.

Once again, use your Hitman instinct to spot the target and the barrel. When Sinhi “Akka” Venthan approaches the barrel, shoot it two times.

She’ll be set up on fire and die. You can then exit this area and go to the final step – the Shadows in The Water mission.

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Getting Rid of the Satellite Control Unit – Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Guide

You can either obtain two uplink access keys or destroy the unit completely. It’s much faster to destroy the Control Unit and that’s what we will do.

After exiting the area where you took down the second target the same way you entered, run alongside the water homes and boats and move forward.

You also can optionally pick up the boat key from one of the water houses for an easier escape.

Go into the cave located behind the water. While going through the cave, make sure to avoid the cameras so you’re not seen.

With a little patience, you can knock out the first two guards you approach. They split up pretty often.

Now to sneak past the rest of the guards. There is a screwdriver and a knife lying around on one of the crates. Make sure to pick these up.

Sneak around and open the Control Unit with the screwdriver and cut the wires with the knife.

Destroy the Control Unit and sneak out the way you came in. You can optionally destroy the camera in the cave to make sure you’re not spotted.

Escape the Island

Run straight to the boat, if you stole the keys earlier, or head to any other exit available to you.

Ambrose Island Guide – Challenge Tips

Here you’ll find tips for some of the challenges in the new Hitman 3 Ambrose Island map.

  • Locksmith Challenge – Take a lock pick to open the cage with Mr. Smith.
  • Locksmith Challenge – The crowbar is located in the room with a red door near Sinhi “Akka” Venthan’s location. Use it to break the windows open.
  • Locksmith Challenge – In the building with windows nailed shut with planks, you’ll find agent Smith.
  • I’ll Always Know Challenge – The hook is located on the left pillar near the gate of the same location.
  • I’ll Always Know Challenge – Lure Sinhi “Akka” Venthan into the room with a cage where Mr. Smith was located.
  • Jumpstart challenge – Electrocute Sinhi “Akka” Venthan by turning on the battery.


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