GTA Online summer update: latest release date rumours & leaks

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The GTA Online summer update is seemingly just around the corner now and we have everything you need to know regarding release dates, rumours, and latest updates. If you need to know anything about the GTA Online summer update, you’ve come to the right place.

GTA Online has managed to outgrow its single-player alter ego, becoming one of the biggest games played today.

Alongside the GTA Online weekly update, a more substantial update arrives around this time of year – coined the GTA Online summer update.

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While no official release date has been announced by Rockstar, some of the industry’s biggest leakers may have stumbled across the game’s arrival date.

Of course, we’ll be taking them with a pinch of salt – but for keen fans of the game that like to speculate its arrival, here’s everything we currently know about the GTA Online summer update.

GTA Online summer update: release date rumours

At the time of writing this, there is no concrete release date surrounding the GTA Online summer update. Having said that, speculation is starting to circulate – especially after some interesting occurrences surrounding the GTA+ benefits.

The GTA+ membership benefits normally run for the entire month – however, July’s benefits only seem to run until July 18th.

This has made some of the game’s biggest leakers suggest the GTA Online summer update could be just around the corner – more specifically, July 19th.

Popular GTA Online leaker, Tez2 recently made the discovery and posted his thoughts on Twitter.

Furthermore, GTA Online’s devs normally launch DLC updates on a Tuesday – which, again, coincides nicely with the 19th of July.

When was last year’s GTA Online summer update?

Last year’s GTA Online summer update, Los Santos Tuners update, launched in July – leading many people to believe the same will occur for the 2022 summer update.

The Tuners update was an instant hit with fans of the game, offering up new vehicles, missions, music, and more.

That said, it was closely followed by the game’s most popular DLC to date, The Contract.

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What is the GTA Online summer update?

The GTA Online summer update is a DLC that occurs every summer, around this time of year.

It normally offers up fun new vehicles, missions, and music – alongside some interesting cameos too.

GTA online summer update los santos tuners 1

At present, we don’t have a tonne of information regarding the GTA Online summer update for 2022. However, we expect it to offer similar content to that of Los Santos tuners – the last summer update.

Like always, we will be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest leaks, news, and announcement by Rockstar.

How big is the GTA Online summer update?

While the GTA Online summer update is a relatively sizeable event, it doesn’t manage to eclipse the winter/December update – which is said to be the game’s major DLC.

Having said that, Los Santos Tuners update still managed to clock in at around 3.5GB (Xbox), 3.6GB (PlayStation), and even bigger on PC.

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Will Rockstar nerf the MK2 in new GTA Online summer update?

One of the big talking points surrounding the GTA Online summer update is the Oppressor MK2 – with many fans of the game calling for it to be nerfed.

One Redditor says, “A nerf to the Oppressor mk2 would be nice, so not every single mission in the game is absolutely trivial and low-level players can actually make meaningful progress and have somewhat fun battles.”.

Another agrees, saying, “Totally agree with a nerf to the Oppressor MK2; that stupid thing is the reason I always switch into a invite only lobby “.

Whether or not Rockstar decides to nerf the hover bike is yet to be known – however, it certainly seems like it’d be popular amongst the GTA Online community.

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