Gold Bond Targets Active Youth with Natural Support 2.0 Collection

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The Natural Support 2.0 collection of top-quality, juvenile mattresses from independent bedding manufacturer, Gold Bond, was designed specifically to cater to today’s active youth, utilizing the same high-quality materials found in the company’s adult mattresses to help provide a healthier night’s sleep. Composed of American-made raw materials and organic cotton fabric with copper-infused thread, the eco-friendly line of mattresses conforms to younger individuals’ bodies and provides various health benefits.


“Sleep is a very important part of your child’s mental and physical health because it allows their mind and body to rest and recover. Having the right mattress for them is crucial, which is why we developed the Natural Support 2.0 collection,” said Robert Naboicheck, CEO of Gold Bond. “Each mattress was created to ensure the right level of firmness and support to provide superior spinal alignment. They were also created with children’s health in mind, with antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant properties and no VOCs.”


The full-sized mattresses in the collection incorporate a 364-coil spring system, with a 12.75-gauge innerspring Bonnell coil unit. Six different models are available: 200 Firm, 300 Plush, 400 Super Soft, 500 Gel, 600 Vytex Latex and 700 Nano Coil. To add a personal touch, several trim colors are offered, including blue, pink and lime green.


Each mattress can also be used with a conventional box spring, bunk beds or platform beds, adding another level of convenience. They retail from $399 to $799.



About Gold Bond

Founded in 1899, Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest family-operated independent mattress, specialty sleep and futon manufacturers. The company is a leader in mattress manufacturing techniques and has more than a century of experience bringing product innovations, high manufacturing standards and executive leadership to the industry. Gold Bond currently ships to 40 states and 5 countries, and its products are available in more than 500 showrooms. For more information, visit


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