Gigabyte X670E AM5 motherboard sent to overclockers early

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Gigabyte X670E AM5 motherboard sent out early: With the release of AM5 and Zen 4 on the horizon, it appears that AMD and GIGABYTE are starting to send out samples of their flagship X670E chipset AM5 motherboards. Overclocking enthusiast @SkatterBencher Tweeted showcasing the X670E Aorus Master he received unexpectedly on August 7th. 

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The Tweet from @SkatterBencher has since been removed. 

AMD and Intel often allow the early release of products to specific individuals, these are the “Overclockers”. These Overclockers often get samples of the latest and greatest technology ahead of reviewers. But why do manufacturers do this? It mostly serves two purposes. 

Overclockers can provide feedback to the manufacturers about what works and what doesn’t, catching areas for improvement early before the product hits reviewers can save the company a large headache.

Also, it helps the product garner public interest, as the Overclockers are bound to break new records with AMD or Intel’s latest tech. 

The Aorus Master X670E is GIGABYTE’s second-most advanced motherboard, GIGABYTE’s flagship is the X670E Aorus Xtreme. So why could GIGABYTE send their second best? 

It’s an interesting thought and purely speculative, but we think that the exact performance increase expected from AM5 and the Zen 4 platform, is something AMD wants to keep under wraps until the days following release. And we think the release of the second-best equipment will serve as the perfect teaser for just that. 

X670E Aorus Master 

aorus x670e master amd am5 overclocking
Image source: GIGABYTE

Saying that the Auros Master is no slouch when it comes to capability, the X670E Aorus master features a 16-phase power design that includes 105-amp power stages. The motherboard also features full overclocking capabilities on the memory and CPU, and PCIe Gen 5 on both the M.2 SSD slots and the PCIe x16 slot. 

Zen 4 overclocking

What exactly can we expect from Zen 4 overclocking? It’s hard to say for sure as we don’t know what CPU was sent to the overclockers along with the AM5 Aorus Master.

But we’d like to see core frequencies well past 5.5GHz and into the 5.7 GHz territory, which will be a first for AMD, as a good handful of its Zen 4 CPUs are reportedly running above 5GHz natively. We can’t wait to see what’s possible on this Gigabyte X670E AM5 motherboard.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long to see what the future holds. AMD has confirmed both AMD Zen 4 and AM5 release dates as September 15th, 2022. 

What do you think of the new AM5 platform? Let us know in the comments down below. 

What can I expect from Zen 4?

Zen 4 is reported to perform around 30% better than it’s predecessor, Zen 3. With massive IPC and core frequency increases, thanks to the new 5nm manufacturing process Zen 4 CPUs are built upon.

Is Zen 4 compatible with DDR4?

There are no reports of Zen 4 CPUs being compatible with DDR4 memory, nor is there any AM5 motherboards currently being manufactured with DDR4 in mind.

What socket will Zen 4 use?

Zen 4 CPUs will use the socket AM5, which is AMD’s new socket designed specifically for Zen 4 CPUs. If you want to be specific, socket AM5 is LGA 1718 with a more friendly name.

How much faster is Zen 4?

Zen 4 is said to be around 30%-35% faster than its predecessor, Zen 3. With performance increases from single cores to around 15%.

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