From the Farm to Your Stash, or How to Make Wool Pretty! – Felting


Sometimes we take our own knowledge for granted.  For example, I live in New Zealand, the sheep capital of the world! 🙂  So I tend to already know a lot of the when, where, how and what of wool production.  But of course there are many people around the world who wouldn’t normally have access to a local farm, or know of anyone who creates their own fibre at all.

So I wanted to make sure I gave knowledge to those who might not organically have it, and also those who might just never have really thought about it before.  Because, let’s face it, we tend to just think how it looks in the shop is how it was born right?

So here you can find a wonderful article/post about the basics of wool collection and preparation from Morning Chores.

If this gets your curious you will find so much information if you do a bit of a search, especially if you refine it to shearing, carding, dying fibre etc!   Pick out the process that most interests you and get more knowledge into your brain! 🙂

You also sound super smart if you can tell people exactly how your fibre was prepared before you got your creative mitts on it!

Of course this article talks about taking the process further than we would for needle felting, but I often think it would be great to spin up some of my fibre and make little hats and jackets for my bears, so there is always a need for that extra knowledge!

Get stuck in, and Happy Felting!

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