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Yes it’s nearly that time again!  Soon it will be Halloween and you will want to have made all your new decorations for the fun season fresh and new!  I think it’s an awesome idea to add new pieces to your seasonal collections each year.  Then at Christmas and Halloween etc when you pull them out of storage and have to inevitably throw some out as they grow old and damaged, you already have a gorgeous new bunch of fun things to add in.

This is especially true when you have small children, they always have new things they want you to use, you might want to cycle your older decorations into scrapbooks if possible (well the flat items anyway) to make way for the new and then you get to save them before they get too damaged!

PrintWorks - Halloween Crafts and Printables - Paris Corporation

Anyway, to the decoration at hand.  I truly enjoyed this tutorial, it’s filled with relaxing music, great close up visuals to help you along as well as notes throughout the video.  More than that, you even get a template to download and print out from the website, so don’t miss that on the page before you head to the video!

I loved what the tutor did with the pumpkins, they look great!  As we are all felters through I’m sure this, among other elements like the ghosts, could be needle felted if you wanted to.  In fact, keep this in mind whenever you find tutorials using store bought felt, you can always make it even more creative and personal by creating the fabric or 3d elements with wet or needle felting!

If this sweet little decoration has won your heart, please head over to Tiny Craft World and you will find the link here for the recommended page.

Happy Felting!

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