Fortnite LOTR Crossover Leaks & Rumors

Insert LOTR quote here.

A Fortnite LOTR crossover sounds like a great idea.

Epic’s definitive battle royale game has crossed over with a variety of other brands over the years.

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The latest rumors seem to support the idea that soon, LOTR could make its way to Fortnite.

We’ve got all of the newest details on the potential Fortnite LOTR crossover right here.

Fortnite LOTR Crossover Hinted by Epic

Fortnite LOTR Crossover Hinting in Game Screenshot
Credit: Shiina on Twitter

It seems like Epic might be hinting that a Fortnite LOTR crossover is coming. If you log into the game right now and head for the beach, you can find a new sandcastle being built by the rock kid.

If you’re not a movie buff, it might not be immediately clear what this means. The castle in question bares a lot of similarities to Helm’s Deep from The Two Towers.

Not only does it have a ramp to the side, but the main wall appears to have been destroyed by a bomb. These facts parallel what you can see in the films, so a coming crossover seems more than likely.

What can we expect from a Fortnite LOTR Crossover?

Shiina on Twitter about Fortnite LOTR CRossover
Credit: Shiina on Twitter

While this is a teaser only, we can have a pretty good idea of what we’ll get from the crossover when it comes. Firstly, we’re sure to get some new character skins, probably with the more popular characters from the films like Gandalf and Frodo.

Chances are that we’ll also get some new weapons themed after in-universe items. Anduril (Aragorn’s Sword) would be a top choice for a new weapon, though Glamdring (Gandalf’s sword) might also make an appearance.

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Some previous collabs have bought actual gameplay changes, so it’s possible we’ll see something really cool introduced. It woudl be great to have Nazgul running around the map taking out unwary players. There’s also a strong chance that the ring itself will somehow be involved in the crossover.

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