FIFA 23: Predicted starting budgets

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We are gonna go ahead and take a rough guess at what each team’s starting budget will be in FIFA 23. We imagine, for the most part, they will be similar to last season but there will be a few changes. 

Especially since teams are being a bit more intelligent with their business after the pandemic, well most of them anyway. 

If FIFA 23 is the same as FIFA 22, you can adjust the starting budget if you want to change the experience at all, but this list will just be what we think the defaults will be.

Premier League 

First up we have the English Premier League, the richest league in the world, there are some heavy hitters in this league. Very few teams can keep up with the spending of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. 

However, going into this season things are changing. Two clubs, including Chelsea, have new owners. While we also have three new teams in the league after Bournemouth, Fulham and Nottingham Forest have been promoted. 

Team  Predicted Starting Budget FIFA 23
AFC Bournemouth £17,000,000
Arsenal £75,000,000
Aston Villa £42,000,000
Brentford  £20,000,000
Brighton £35,000,000
Chelsea £95,000,000
Crystal Palace £28,000,000
Everton £40,000,000
Fulham  £26,000,000
Leeds United  £35,000,000
Leicester City £42,000,000
Liverpool £120,000,000
Manchester City  £190,000,000
Manchester United  £158,000,000
Newcastle United  £80,000,000
Nottingham Forest £16,000,000
Southampton £27,000,000
Tottenham Hotspur £70,000,000
West Ham United  £40,000,000

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