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Neymar Jr only made 28 appearances last season for Paris St Germain (PSG). In that time his output was still what we have come to expect from the tricky Brazilian, scoring 13 goals and getting 8 assists respectively. 

However, the most expensive player in the world appears to have fallen out of favour at PSG. If rumours are to be believed, we will see Neymar playing his football at a different club by the time FIFA 23 releases. 

This shouldn’t have much influence on his rating, but if he were to move to Chelsea, as rumours would suggest, his price could rocket. Players with 5* skill moves and 5* weak foot are incredibly rare during the early months of a FIFA title. 

Neymar is one of the few players who boasts this straight off the bat, and as it stands, there isn’t anyone in the Premier League who has similar attributes. 

Neymar Jr – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted

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Overall Rating 90 (-1)

It has been a long time since Neymar played a full season of football, not making more than 40 appearances for his club since he signed. He has also never been able to replicate the form he showed at Barcelona.

There is no denying just how good Neymar Jr is, on his day he is completely unique and by far one of the best players in the world. It’s just a rare sight in the last two seasons. If his rating was dropped even lower for FIFA 23, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but we will have to wait and see. 

Pace 90 (-1)

Neymar is no longer as explosive as he used to be. There are certainly flashes of his pace still, but it’s not as noticeable anymore. FIFA are also quite prone to docking a players pace as they get a bit older. 

With his recent history with injuries, and struggle for fitness, it’s quite reasonable for his pace to take a hit in FIFA 23.

Shooting 83 (-)

In honesty Neymar’s shooting has always been a little low on his card. When he plays he consistently scores and has got many against the biggest clubs, on the biggest stage. Yet his finishing is still only 83. 

Neymar consistently outperforms his xG and always has, but it’s very unlikely FIFA will boost his shooting after such a stop-start season. 

Passing 85 (-1)

Again, Neymar’s passing is still incredible and he showed that last season with a pass completion rate of 79.7%. This is impressive considering he plays on the wing.

As a winger the majority of his passes are progressive, with him sitting in the 99th percentile for progressive passes. 

So again FIFA has often underrated his passing and FIFA 23 will most likely be no different. With that in mind, and because of his inconsistency with playing time, he will probably be docked a few stats in FIFA 23

Dribbling 94 (-)

The one thing that is unlikely to change in the upcoming FIFA 23, is his dribbling. Neymar Jr is still one of the best dribblers on the planet, and FIFA has always recognised that. 

There are very few players as exciting to watch with the ball at their feet and that’s because of how good Neymar’s dribbling ability is. All the time he continues playing the way he does, his dribbling, 5* skills and flair trait should remain intact for FIFA 23.

Defending 37 (-)

FIFA is already pretty spot on when it comes to Neymar’s dribbling and this stat should remain the same going into FIFA 23. Neymar always wants the ball to feet, as shown by his 63 heading accuracy.

He also offers very little tracking back, being in the 24th percentile for interceptions and even lower for other defensive actions. If anything this may be reduced slightly for FIFA 23

Physicality 61 (-2)

Dropping Neymar’s physicals by 2 may seem a bit harsh but he currently boasts 81 finishing. After the last two season’s, it’s highly unlikely FIFA will keep his stamina so high. 

Neymar’s stamina is his only physical stat above a 70, so if that is to drop a little it should butcher the rating overall. It wouldn’t be too surprising if a few others take a knock, going into FIFA 23 too. 

Neymar Jr FIFA 23 Price

Neymar Jr is always extortionate in FIFA, and FIFA 23 won’t be any different. His ability on the ball, traits and unique body type make him unplayable in the right hands, especially really early on. 

According to FUTBIN, Neymar Jr floated around the 1,000,000 coin mark for the first couple of months of the last FIFA. If he does move, he will most likely cost even more than that, and if he stays in France his pricing will be very similar to how it was last FIFA. 

No one will ever be able to deny Neymar Jr’s ability, and if he gets a move we may get to see him back to his very best. It’s also worth noting we are approaching what may well be Neymar’s last world cup appearance. 

The Brazil National Team is in a much better place this tournament than it was four years ago in Russia. This, combined with his desire to lift the World Cup for his country could make for a return to his dazzling best.

If that’s the case we could see some very good special cards for Neymar Jr in FIFA 23

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