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You would have to go some way to find a Premier League player better than Kevin De Bruyne. There is a reason why he was the highest player in the Premier League in FIFA 22, and FIFA 23 should be no different. 

The 21/22 season continued to show how he can do it all, he puts balls on plates for fun and when that isn’t working he can just put it in the back of the net himself.

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Last season was his most productive goal scoring season for Manchester City, with the Belgian averaging a goal every other game in the league. 

There really isn’t anything he can’t do and now Erling Haaland will be there to aim at both in real life but also in FIFA 23.

That’s a green link everyone will be aiming for during the early months of the game, and it will be frightening to play against. 

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Overall Rating 92 (+1)

It’s incredibly challenging trying to figure out what EA will do with ratings. However, after another stellar season and winning the Premier League player of the season for a second time, it’s safe to assume he will get the +1. De Bruyne is only the fourth player to win the award twice. 

De Bruyne’s biggest strength, is something that’s difficult to replicate in a game, is his ability to rise to the big occasion with him scoring against title challengers Liverpool last season, local rival Manchester United and former club Chelsea. 

A rating boost would be well deserved for the Premier League’s best player, acknowledging his ability and making him one of the highest rated players in FIFA 23.

Pace (-)

Nothing happened last season to suggest De Bruyne’s pace should be increased. He isn’t slow by any means, and is always part of a Manchester City counter attack. It just isn’t one of his stand out attributes. 

EA does fiddle a lot with stats though, and if he does get a predicted overall boost, it wouldn’t be a surprise if his pace did have a slight increase. 

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Shooting 88 (+2)

After the last two seasons De Bruyne has been deployed much more frequently further up the pitch, at times as a false nine. Allowing De Bruyne to get forward more has showcased just how good his finishing is. 

Therefore it would make sense to put his finishing up by a couple. His long shots are already exceptional on his card, so if they were to be improved at all on FIFA 23 it would only be a small increase. 

Passing 94 (+1)

De Bruyne’s passing stats are already incredible, one of the best in the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing it short, spraying a diag or whipping it into the box, De Bruyne can do it all. 

This is certainly accurate to real life, but after another stellar season showing how he is probably the best in the league it makes sense to give his passing a small bump.

His freekicks could also do with a small increase as well. He is probably not the second best in the world, like his manager thinks he is, but he is better than his card would suggest. 

Dribbling 88 (-)

As it stands De Bruyne’s dribbling on FIFA seems about right, it’s difficult to see how they would change it for FIFA 23. It won’t be made worse because of how strong his season was, but it would be difficult to make it better as well. 

The most likely outcome is there are a few minor tweaks within the stat, maybe increase his composure a little or something similar, but the overall stat will remain unchanged. 

Defending 65 (+1)

Small boosts like this one are just very FIFA, if a player has a good year they will knock up a few of their stats that aren’t as important to round out the card. This will probably happen with De Bruyne’s defending in FIFA 23

The changes won’t be drastic, most likely just a plus one on everything to highlight how well rounded De Bruyne is as a player.

Physicality 78 (-)

It seems unlikely that this will change too much, especially when considering his card already has incredible stamina, which is physically De Bruyne’s strongest attribute. If anything we may see his stamina given a slight reduction after he has begun to pick up more injuries in recent seasons. 

Kevin De Bruyne FIFA 23 Price

De Bruyne is always one of the most desirable cards to have on FIFA. He’s in the league with the most options with squad building, he’s one of the best players in that league and he has 5* weak foot. 

All of this is why, according to FUTBIN, De Bruyne didn’t drop below 200,000 coins until deep into October. If he gets the shooting boosts as predicted, he will most likely be even more this season, potentially creeping up to 300,000 coins depending on the market. 

There aren’t really enough superlatives to describe Kevin De Bruyne, with each season he shows more and more about his game. He is consistently one of the best players on the pitch for club and country. 

FIFA has always recognised this quality and now he has added more goals to his game, his card in FIFA 23 will be a very desirable item for anyone playing the game.

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