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Jules Koundé is one of the most sought after Centre-backs in the world right now. He is incredibly fast, amazing on the ball combining agility and immense technical ability to make him a truly modern defender. 

He is now a regular part of the France National team, which is no mean feat, and looks like he is just going to keep getting better and better. Koundé may not be as tall as other defenders, he is only 5’10, but it doesn’t matter because he is still good in the air anyway. 

Koundé is as smart as he is quick, it makes for a deadly combination and is the reason why so many teams are after him.

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By the time FIFA 23 comes around he will not be playing for Sevilla anymore, with Barcelona current favourites to sign the French Youngster. 

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at how good he may be going into FIFA 23, and if he will help make this Barcelona team more complete for game modes like Seasons. 

Jules Koundé – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted 

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Overall Rating 84 (+1)

Koundé could potentially get a +2 going into FIFA 23, he had an incredible campaign last year and was part of the La Liga Team of the Season.

It has also been a few years of consistently performing at a high level, whilst also being a huge part of one of the best defences in his league last season.

The reason why we feel it may only be a +1 is because he is yet to do it at the very top level, but this year that will all change.

Once he moves to a new team and if he transitions well, Koundé may be one of the highest rated defenders in the game before long. 

Pace 82 (+1)

Just a small bump on his pace in FIFA 23 seems the most likely. If FIFA were feeling generous, they could justify giving him more, he is one of the quickest Centre-backs around right now. 

Shooting 45 (-)

This isn’t really Koundé’s area of expertise so it seems unlikely for him to get a boost in FIFA 23. The only reason why his shooting may get a boost, is because his card overall will be going up. 

Sometimes in this situation they will boost all of the stats by one or two just to reflect this change in the players ability. He did also score two goals in the league last season which is quite good for a player in his position. 

Passing 67 (+3)

Koundé’s passing was incredibly under-rated in FIFA 22, he should be getting a decent boost in FIFA 23. He is good enough that he can fill in at right-back, if need be, and never looks out of place when he has to. 

He also has a pass completion rate of 88.9%, which isn’t bad at all. In FIFA 23, we should expect a good boost to his passing. 

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Dribbling 75 (+3)

What makes Koundé so unique for a defender is just how good he is on the ball. It is the reason Barcelona have wanted him so badly, he perfectly fits the Barcelona style of play. 

He is in the 98th percentile for dribbles when compared to players who also play in his position. There are very few who can compare with his ability on the ball.

A +3 to his dribbling on FIFA 23 may seem very generous, but over the last two seasons he has only continued to prove just how good he is on the ball.

Defending 85 (+1) 

It may seem strange to talk about how good a defender is in real life and then only predict a +1 to their defending stats on FIFA 23

The thing with Koundé is, he clearly is a very good defender, but his strengths come from his ability to start an attack right from the back. His ability on the ball and passing is what makes him so good, as well as so unique and he should be the same going into FIFA 23.

Physicality 79 (+1)

Koundé is not weak by any means but because of how unique he is as a defender it’s unlikely to see these stats boosted too much on FIFA 23

They should get a light boost, once again just to recognise how good he is, but it’s unlikely it is anything too drastic for FIFA 23

Jules Koundé FIFA 23 Price

Koundé’s price nearly went as high as 30,000 coins in FIFA 22, and FIFA 23 will be no different. Koundé is incredibly quick in FIFA as a defender, he is also French meaning he has great chemistry links. 

FIFA 23, is rumoured to have redesigned how chemistry will work in the game so this could impact his price, but if it makes him easier to link he will only be more expensive. 

On FIFA 23, because he will be playing with better players, he will have a slight boost. It’s likely he will still be expensive when the game first launches. 

Koundé is always guaranteed some special cards in FIFA. He is incredibly popular because of his nation leagues, but most importantly because of his pace.

Will Koundé get a One’s to Watch in FIFA 23

In previous years if a player of this quality moved he would be nailed on to get a One’s to Watch (OTW) card. However, considering how many players Barcelona have signed this summer, it’s hard to tell which of their players will get a OTW in FIFA 23

If Koundé does miss out on an OTW, then it shouldn’t take long for him to get a special anyway and if he does do well a headliner will be nailed on.

If Barcelona do get back to their best, we may even see him in the Team of the Season again at the end of next season.

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