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Harry Kane had a slow start to last season, after a difficult transfer window, where he didn’t get his move away from Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs). Fortunately once Antonio Conte came in as manager the England captain looked back to his best. 

If he had sustained his end of season form all year he probably would have gotten an upgrade, but he will most likely be very similar in FIFA 23. Kane still managed 17 goals and 9 assists in the league.

FIFA 23 will also most likely be out when he inevitably breaks the England goalscoring record, an impressive feat that should bag him a pretty good special card as well. 

Harry Kane – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted

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Overall Rating 90 (-)

Kane’s inconsistent season means an upgrade is incredibly unlikely, fortunately he did pick up towards the end to prevent a downgrade. It looks as though he will still be a Tottenham Hotspur player next season, with Conte as the manager and the new signing they’re making we may be about to see the best of Harry Kane. 

It’s remarkable really that Kane has never had a gold card above 90, despite his incredible goal scoring output. He also isn’t just scoring goals, he’s a leader and does so much more.  

Despite his overall card not improving, I think there could be some key improvements in individual stats.

Pace 70 (-)

Harry Kane is not known for his speed, he drifts through games finding space by dropping deep to pick up the ball. He then releases it to the players he has around him, some of which are ridiculously quick. 

Like all of the best strikers, they find space through their intelligence off the ball and not overly relying on their speed. Kane is no different and his card in FIFA 23 will reflect that. 

Shooting 91 (-)

It seems unlikely Kane’s shooting overall will get boosted in FIFA 23. However, it’s likely the stats themselves most likely will. His penalties will be boosted from 91, he hasn’t missed a penalty for Spurs since 2018 against Liverpool. 

Kane’s long shots are also only 86, so this will most likely get a boost as well. He has proven on many occasions he can score from anywhere, and after his long range strike against Poland last year. I think FIFA will take that into account with his stats. 

Passing 86 (+3)

FIFA is a strange game because they can boost a cards stats without having to boost the overall. It’s happened plenty of times in the past and will most likely be the case with Kane’s passing for FIFA 23

Over the last two seasons, Harry Kane has demonstrated time and again how good he is at finding a man from deep. His link up with South Korean international Son Heung-Min, is now the most prolific partnership the Premier League has ever seen. 

This is in part due to Kane’s ability to constantly find him with a variety of passes, it’s been consistent enough now too that his card will reflect that. Saying that, his freekicks may get even lower than 65 as he now holds the record for most freekicks without scoring in the Premier League. 

Dribbling 83 (-)

Kane’s dribbling stats are already pretty bang on. I don’t know why FIFA has such an aversion to giving tall players decent balance but other than that it shouldn’t be changed. 

He isn’t going to take the ball round a few defenders by dropping the shoulder, he just isn’t his game. So it would make sense for his dribbling to remain the same in FIFA 23

Defending 47 (-)

This is another category where it’s unlikely the overall stat on the card will change but stats within that probably will. Kane is key when defending set pieces and is obviously crucial when attacking them.

Last season Kane scored four headers, while also making 31 aerial clearances. His card will most likely reflect this in FIFA 23, boosting his heading from 86 to 88/89. 

Physicality 83 (-)

Kane’s physicals are pretty much bang on. His jumping and strength could maybe do with a slight boost as they’re a bit low. He is such an aerial threat in real life, so it would be nice if he was like that in FIFA 23, but heading is never great in FIFA anyway. 

Harry Kane FIFA 23 Price

Harry Kane is always so cheap when FIFA first comes out and unless the way the game plays drastically changes, he always will be. Unfortunately Kane is just too slow to justify using in FIFA and this will be the same in FIFA 23

His value sat at around 25,000 coins for the first month of the games release and only spiked once the high value SBC’s released. This will be how Kane’s value looks in FIFA 23 too, unless something drastic changes.  

Kane may not be a textbook FIFA player’s type of card, but fun can still be had if you can figure out how to use him properly. His finishing is outrageous and combined with his 5* weak foot, he can score from anywhere. 

Unfortunately all the time, pace is so important he won’t be a must-have card, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the best and complete  strikers in the world. One full season under an elite manager may well be what he needs to get 90 in the game. For now though a 90 in FIFA 23 seems like an appropriate prediction. 

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