FIFA 23: Gianluca Scamacca predicted ratings

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It’s official, West Ham United have finally signed a striker nearly two years after selling Sebastian Haller to Ajax. Since then Haller has gone on to bang goals for fun and earned himself a move to Borussia Dortmund. 

West Ham, on the other hand, have been relying on Michail Antonio for goals, and only Michail Antonio. Antonio is a good player, but a team needs more than one striker especially when they’re competing in European Competitions. 

West Ham’s squad in general should be getting a boost going into FIFA 23, after they showed their worth in the Europa League last season. 

On top of that, they have made some new signings, but most importantly they have signed Italian international Gianluca Scamacca. Scamacca, may not be a name everyone knows, he has played his best football in Italy so far.

Yet, after a really strong season, he is set for the Premier League. Here is what we think Scamacca will be rated on FIFA 23.

Gianluca Scamacca – FIFA 23 – Predicted Ratings

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Overall Rating 79 (+5)

Prior to last season the 6’5 striker was just potential that was waiting to come good. Now he has finally come good and started to show just what we should expect from him. 

He scored 16 goals in 25 starts in Serie a last season playing for Sassoulo and was one of the key features of their successful season. Scamacca should be set for a good boost going into FIFA 23, after a great breakout season which has earned him a call up to the Italian National Team. 

Whilst on international duty he continued to show his quality, and looks like he will be a big part of this new look side going forward. 

Pace 75 (+5) 

Scamacca is not the fastest striker in the world, but he is certainly no slouch either. If he needs to he can run in behind defences, but he does prefer to play his trade a little bit deeper. 

This is why we believe he will only have 75 pace going into FIFA 23, although that is still a very healthy boost for West Ham’s new signing. Either way, his Pace isn’t what he is most known for and that will be reflected going into FIFA 23

Shooting 80 (+5) 

Last season Scamacca showed he is reliable in front of goal after proving to be dangerous, but inconsistent in the past. He can score all types of goals and that will be where the majority of his stats boosts will be going into FIFA 23

Scamacca is just as dangerous outside of the box as he is inside of it, his long shots will definitely be getting a boost for FIFA 23, while his shot power is also very likely to go up. The way he strikes a ball is very powerful, whilst also remaining accurate.

He outperformed his xG last season by five goals, proving that he is a very clinical boy, and certainly one to watch in the Premier League this season. 

Passing 64 (+10)

Again, this may seem like a very big boost for FIFA 23, but it was the first season where he really showed just what he is capable of. Scamacca’s short passing is genuinely very impressive. 

While his ability to find a pass without looking, or to flick the ball round the corner adds another dimension to his hold-up play. The way he sees what’s ahead of him is very impressive so we should expect his vision to be boosted in FIFA 23

Dribbling 75 (+6)

It’s genuinely surprising how happy Scamacca is with the ball at his feet. He can pluck it out of the air like it’s nothing, as well as being completely comfortable beating a man with skill if need be. 

There is a reason why there have been comparisons between him and Ibrahimović. There is a skill and composure to the way Scamacca plays and this should be reflected in his dribbling going into FIFA 23.

A lot of his dribbling stats should be boosted in the new game, it is genuinely a huge part of his game and he showcased it last season. 

Defending 38 (+5) 

Admittedly, it isn’t really Scamacca’s job to do much defending but he isn’t too bad if he is called upon. On defensive corners, he is a huge asset, mainly because of his size and ability in the air. 

His defending stats will get a bit of a boost, mainly because the whole card is being overhauled but also because this is where the heading stat is. In the air he is imperious, and on FIFA 23 could be a real threat with the new set piece mechanics that have introduced. 

Physicality 78 (+8)

In truth, Scamacca’s card was incredibly low when it comes to his physicals in FIFA 22. It’s understandable, he was a relative unknown until last season and if January upgrades were still a thing, I’m sure it would have already been rectified.

Going into FIFA 23, this will be changed with big boosts likely for his strength, jumping and stamina at least. 

Gianluca Scamacca FIFA 23 Price

Scamacca will not be too expensive in FIFA 23, mainly because for a striker he isn’t very fast. So unless heading is incredibly good going into FIFA 23, then he will be around 1,000 coins when the game first comes out. 

He will most likely be a lot of fun in those first couple of weeks in the games life cycle though because of how unique he is. As it stands he will be the tallest striker in the league, and his ability on the ball combined with his size should combine to be a lot of fun in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team.

It’s more likely though that Scamacca will really come into his own if he gets a few specials in the new game, he will also be a great pick for FIFA 23 Career Mode. At the age of 23, he will no doubt have bags of potential. 

Should we expect some Scamacca special cards in FIFA 23? 

Scamacca, as it stands, is West Ham’s marquee signing for the new season. It’s likely he will get a One’s to Watch during the first promo in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team. 

Over the last couple of seasons West Ham’s popularity has increased massively, with the club growing quite fashionable in that time. Because of this, it’s incredibly likely he should be part of a few themed promos throughout the year. 

There is every chance, too, that if he carries the form that earned him the move into his new club, he may even earn some form-based specials on FIFA 23.

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