FIFA 23: Frenkie De Jong predicted ratings

We are still part way through one of the biggest transfer stories of the summer with Frenkie De Jong and Barcelona.

 First he was linked with Manchester United, now he is being linked with Chelsea, but if Barcelona get their way he definitely won’t be playing at the Nou Camp by the time FIFA 23 releases. Frenkie was once one of the most coveted central midfielders in the world and he still sort of is.

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Barcelona is the perfect place for him but because of their precarious financial situation he is going to have to leave, even after putting in some top performances for them over the last few years. 

Frenkie De Jong – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted 

Overall Rating 87 (-)

It seems unlikely Frenkie will get a downgrade in FIFA 23, even after Barcelona’s subpar season. He was one of the few bright sparks in this team, regardless of how Barcelona were getting on. 

He continued to play well, and was expected to play across the pitch to plug gaps when they were struggling. 

At times De Jong even played in defence and didn’t look out of place. In FIFA 23, it seems likely he will be able to play centre-back in Ultimate Team with the new position changes. 

This could make Frenkie an incredibly useful asset for squad building, as he will be a very unique defender when compared to others. 

Pace 81 (-)

Pace is one of the few stats we could see tweaked in FIFA 23, as EA are very prone to having  a play with how quick a player is. He is far from slow though, hence why he is such an asset in any midfield. 

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He is great at playing his way out of trouble, part of this is because of his ability to run at a good speed with the ball. 

Shooting 69 (-)

Frenkie is a lot of things, but he is not a goalscorer. In the four seasons since he arrived at Barcelona, he has only managed 13 goals.  It simply isn’t his job, Frenkie is in your team to keep things ticking over and to help your team begin their transitions into attack. He is a setter of the pace, hence why his shooting is not very high. 

Passing 84 (-)

All top midfielders need to be able to pick out a pass and Frenkie De Jong is no different. In order to excel in a Barcelona team, that is managed by Xavi, you have to be able to play the ‘Barcelona way’ and he certainly can. 

He has all types of passes in his locker, but he is a very positive player with him sitting in the 82nd percentile for progressive passes, while still maintaining a very high pass completion rate of 90%. 

Dribbling 88 (-)

The only thing Frenkie is better at than passing, is his ability on the ball and FIFA 23 will continue to recognise this. He has an amazing ability to beat the press, and is so comfortable with the ball at his feet. 

He is the catalyst for what everything goes through when he plays, putting him in the top 91 percentile for touches per 90, while he is also an incredible carrier of the ball. 

Defending 78 (+1)

After he showed last year how effective he is in a back three, it is likely he will get a small boost to his defending stats going into FIFA 23. Especially as he will be able to play there in the new Ultimate Team too. 

He doesn’t make a lot of tackles or pressures but that isn’t the type of player he is, he is a proper ball player, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do the defensive side when he needs to. 

Physicality 78 (-)

Similar to pace, this can change depending on what EA decides to do with the game in FIFA 23. In FIFA 22, a lot of players received pace boosts because they made the whole game quicker. 

If they were to make FIFA 23 more physical then we could see changes in this stat, even for players like De Jong who aren’t particularly physical with how they play.

Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t matter where De Jong plays he will continue to show his strengths and his ability on the ball. In FIFA 23, regardless of what league he will be in, he is a great player to get in your midfield early on, if you can make him fit. 

It’s actually a bit wild that Barcelona are so desperate to sign him, as he could one day become one of the very best we’ve seen.

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