FIFA 23 Career Mode: What we want to see

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FIFA 23 is just around the corner and once again we will all be firing up Career Mode once we have lost patience with getting slapped on Ultimate Team. 

Career Mode in the FIFA franchise is an odd one, it is one of the most enjoyable game modes in FIFA and it can genuinely be a ridiculous amount of fun.

Yet, it’s clear to see it doesn’t get quite as much attention from EA as other game modes. 

Quality of Life

Going into FIFA 23, there are a few things it would be great to see that aren’t rumoured but also some of the rumoured content does look like it could be a lot of fun. I think the main thing we want though, is just a bit of polish and TLC. 

In previous years, there is this weird glitch and it doesn’t matter how big the game is, sometimes teams will just rest really important players for no reason.

It doesn’t make sense, but it also takes away a lot of the challenge in a game you’ve potentially gotten really up for.

When you end up pumping them it’s fine, but they’ve had their third choice keeper in goal for the game, leaving you just feeling a bit empty. 


Another minor tweak, but would mean a lot to die-hard football fans, is trying to make the transfers a bit more realistic.

All too often you will see a legend of a club or a hotly tipped youngster that they would never let go of, but then if you’re a London team you can’t sign from any other London clubs due to rivalry.

I’m not sure who at EA needs to hear this but Chelsea and Crystal Palace are not rivals, they will happily loan or sell to each other.

Obviously there are rivals in football, and they wouldn’t want to do business together but just all London clubs is a huge oversimplification.

Devil is in the detail

In FIFA 23, if there was a little bit more detail added to these, then maybe it could help maintain a bit more realism in the game. 

It’s quite simple how to add that realism, FIFA 23 needs to have a better stats database. Over the course of the season it will record your squads stats, you can see what players scored goals and how many clean sheets you kept. 

Yet, at the end of the season it’s gone. I know it isn’t just me who would like to see how many goals your star forward scored two seasons ago, and how much he has improved over his career. 

When you bring through a good youngster as well, it would help build their own story and narrative for their career. 

It’s frustrating because it wouldn’t be too hard to track this kind of information, and it would make the experience feel so much more complete.

Manager Mode


In the past a manager Career Mode has always meant building your own manager from scratch, and taking them in from there.

If rumours are to be believed, then going into FIFA 23 you will also be able to take control of a real manager for the first time. 

This could be great, we all fall in love with certain managers, so being able to decide where their career goes next could be a lot of fun. It will also help make the whole experience feel that little bi more realistic. 

In an ideal world too, it would be great if you could use managers who are currently out of work too. Imagine finally getting Arsene Wenger that elusive Champions League medal. It’s the stuff dreams are made of if you ask me.

What would also be a great craic, is being able to just use pre-existing players, and take them straight into manager mode. Imagine just seeing the alpha that is Sergio Ramos on the touchline, barking orders at his players and losing his mind. It’s what we deserve.

It’s a great way to add a bit more spice to a Career Mode, allowing it to take on some role-playing elements too. Trying to figure out what a player tactical style could be, would make for a lot of fun.

Player Career

Player Career may be the area that needs the most work. As it stands there is only a limited amount of points you get to upgrade your player, so you hit your ceiling pretty quickly.

You can score as many goals, make as many last ditch tackles or spray killer balls as much as you like; you can only get so good.

Going forward this needs to change, if nothing else but to add a bit of longevity in the game mode. You hit mid 80s after a couple of seasons and then you’re done. It would also be great if you could get involved in some of the dirtier sides of the game. 

Some bone crunching tackles and general naughtiness on the pitch to give your player a bit more of an identity. Then in the social hub reading some articles about your latest antics to see what you’ve been up to would be amazing.

Giving the game mode a bit more personality overall, at the moment it’s very lifeless and stale. 

We are set to get a proper look at Career Mode at the beginning of August so hopefully we know more about what we can expect for FIFA 23’s Career Mode. 

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