FIFA 23 Career Mode: Some fans left disappointed after EA’s reveal

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Some FIFA 23 fans have been left slightly disappointed following EA’s FIFA 23’s Career Mode showcase.

EA presented a handful of new features coming to this year’s FIFA Career Mode – which can all be seen here.

But despite the fact there’s a new personality system, updated menus and improved AI, some fans on the FIFA Career Mode sub-Reddit are less than impressed.

There is already a thread on the Career Mode Reddit called “that was disappointing” .

And in the comments under the post on YouTube one fan has expressed disappointment because the youth system – introduced two years ago – doesn’t appear to be getting any attention.

The biggest disappointment overall was that the game mode still isn’t getting an overhaul in FIFA 23, but instead will just be getting minor tweaks to pre-existing features.

One viewer commented saying they are just “really frustrated with the lack of ambition in this mode”.

EA’s FIFA 23 Career Mode showcase divided fans

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Although it’s not all negative, there has been some positivity towards the new features that allow you to use a real manager in Career Mode for the first time. You’re also able to visit players in hospital and customize third and goalkeeper kits.

One commenter on YouTube also added “I honestly think it is a step in the right direction, especially the Player Career Mode”.

Another said: “It’s been 4 and a half minutes and people are already complaining about the new trailer.

“They added lots of features to Player Career, which were severely asked for, and while it’s not perfect, I’m guessing they’re still holding back for EA Sports FC.”

And lastly, one wrote: “I’m so happy I will FINALLY be able to rate my negotiation skills, that first “A” is going directly into my CV “Master Negotiator”.

One of the biggest changes will be the AI improvements. At the very least this could correct some of the bugs from recent years, and make the opposition teams feel more intelligent and unique with how they play.

We won’t know how effective these changes will be until we can play the game, so we will have to wait and see, but hopefully fans of the franchise will be less disappointed once they have gone hands on.

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