FIFA 23 Career Mode latest LIVE: EA CONFIRMS new features

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EA has finally unveiled a HOST of new features coming to  FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Here are the confirmed new features and latest news.

New player career personality

There’s a new system that allows a new connection with your players – which allows you to build a new personality.

There are three types – mavericks, they act with intiution. Virtui=oso, heartbeats – they are the heartbeat of the team and they led by example.

It’s not about what you do on pitch. You can also visit teammates in hospital and buy sports cars. The system evolves as you play the game – so you can start as maverick, but then you can change – and there are lots of new attributes.

Playable highlights

You can only play the highlights of the match – presents itself as a highlight reel.

New menu

Dubbed ‘the World’s game’, FIFA 23 will feature upgraded physics, graphics, and for the first time, women’s club football integration, including a playable women’s FIFA World Cup.

Dynamic moments

There are new cinematic sequences about transfers and switching squads.

If a new star signing arrives you may see something happen with said player. You can see other player highlights, lots of fist-bumping and other cinematics that bring you in to the universe.

New transfer evaluation window

It’ll be possible to see how you did as a negotiator and also give you hints about how to get a better deal for players you want to sell on later on.

Aii improvements

The new system analyses all of the parameters in a much more intelligent way – so your opponent will make better decisions depending on how you’re playing.

Authentic managers

You can pick from authentic likeness from any manager in the game – put them in their own club or you can get them managing a different club.

In fact, both the World Cup Qatar 2022, which starts in November, and the Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, will feature in FIFA 23.

EA revealed tons of exciting features coming to career mode in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 wonderkids

We’ve pulled together who we think will be the stars of the future game right here in our FIFA 23 Career Mode wonderkids hub.

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