FIFA 23: Bayern’s Sadio Mane rating prediction

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Sadio Mane’s career at Liverpool finally comes to a close after another decent season with the club. And despite attempting to extend the winger’s career, Liverpool has failed to keep him on the payroll. Instead, he will join Bayern Munich this summer and we’re here to look back over the last 12 months and predict his FIFA 23 rating.

After another successful year with Liverpool, it was no surprise to see growing interest from European clubs surrounding Sadio Mane’s future – he is, after all, one of the club’s best attacking players. After a few swings and roundabouts, he finally decided to leave Liverpool in his quest for new challenges – tackling the Bundesliga at Bayern Munich.

Ahead of the FIFA 23 launch, it’s no surprise that people are already starting to speculate player ratings. Who will be the game’s highest-rated player? What teams will go up in rating? and what will Sadio Mane be rated?

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look back over the last 12 months to try and predict Sadio Mane’s FIFA 23 player rating.

Sadio Mane FIFA 23 player rating predictions

Sadio Mane was a key player in Liverpool’s success last year, offering up critical goals and assists throughout its duration. And despite Luis Diaz challenging Mane for his place at the club, Mane continued to be Klopp’s number one pick.

Klopp continued to praise Mane even after his departure to the Bundesliga side. Even Messi wanted to play alongside the Senegalese striker, saying he would only extend his contract at the french club if they secured Mane’s future.

All being said, everything leads to another boost in the player’s rating for the FIFA 23 game.

Below we have listed Mane’s ratings over the last 5 seasons, giving you a better picture of how the game has rated him. Our prediction for FIFA 23 is at the bottom.

Year Player name Team Upgrade / Downgrade Rating
2019 Sadio Mane Liverpool 87
2020 Sadio Mane Liverpool 3 90
2021 Sadio Mane Liverpool -2 88
2022 Sadio Mane Liverpool 1 89
2023 Sadio Mane Bayern Munich 1 90

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