Does Twitch Poison Work With Cassiopeia?

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League of Legends is full of interactions, but does Twitch poison work with Cassiopeia’s E?

We know that allied poison can help Cassiopeia use empowered E. For example, the infamous hamster Teemo’s poison or Singed’s Q.

Twitch has a different kind of poison in his kit, which he can even detonate it. So, does Twitch Poison work with Cassiopeia?

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Twitch Poison with Cassiopeia Interaction

The answer is yes. If Twitch poisons the target then Cassiopeia can use her empowered E over and over again.

It does almost triple the normal damage and can catch enemies off guard. It’s a powerful synergy when used in the early game.

You can actually cheese level 1 with both Twitch’s and Cassiopeia’s Es.

It’s an off-meta strategy and it’ss not advised to try it out in ranked games. You don’t want to ruin your own or somebody else’s game.

If you’re an experienced Cassiopeia player then it might be counterintuitive. The instant reaction is to back off when you miss your Q.

However, in this scenario, you can miss your Q and still spam your E.

Either way, the interaction between Twitch’s poison and Cassiopeia’s E works. There’s no doubt you can have a lot of fun with it. Try it out in normal games. If you feel confident, you can conquer low-elo with this strategy.

We would also advise using this with a pre-made. Having a friend apply the poison is a lot more reliable than a random teammate.


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