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These Soap sponges are giving me Soap on a rope v

ibes. Sponge soaps have become really popular and I think some of it has to do with the ASMR soap sponge videos on the internet. (You can watch one here)

So what is a sponge soap or soap sponge? basically, it is a sponge loaded with soap. Each sponge generally lasts 15-20 washes, and then you can re-load the sponge with more soap.

Soap sponges are actually very handy for kids, camping, and teenagers who don’t use soap at all.

You can use any bathroom sponge

to create these Sponge soaps.

DIY Soap Sponge

Soap Infused Sponge Tutorial | Making DIY Soap Sponges 

The Neverending Soap Sponge Tutorial

Soap Sponge & Recipe Tutorial from Bath Hugs UK

My favorite recipe is melt and pour glycerine soap  with a few drops of my favorite essential or fragrant oil. By keeping it simple I am creating a quick and easy craft project. These soap sponges are great sellers, and you can even use fun kids-shaped sponges too. I grabbed these Dinosaur sponges

from amazon and these fun Fruit bath sponges to make some for Easter Gifts.

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