DIY Shower Steamer Recipe E-book – Bath and Body

This is a DIY guide with a recipe for essential oil aromatherapy shower steamers. These are made to fizz on the shower floor as an aromatherapy tool. Steamers release the essential oils into the steam of your shower like a diffuser. While similar in composition, these aren’t to be used as bath bombs because the menthol crystals used in some of them can burn sensitive parts & because essential oil usage rate is lower for skin contact products like bath bombs than for aromatherapy shower steamers.

What’s in this guide is:

-Aromatherapy shower steamer recipe (*very similar to my bath bomb recipe, but made to fizz slower*)
-Detailed instructions & step by step with pictures on how to make shower steamers
-9 essential oil aromatherapy blend recipes for making 9 different shower steamers
-Toilet bombs instructions using this base recipe & a toilet bomb essential oil blend
-Links to where you can purchase ingredients & supplies for great prices
-Link & information about using essential oils safely

There are 5 pages total of instruction & pictures, plus a supplier list. You can purchase this E-book here. 

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