DIY Handmade Beaded Dangle Charm Earrings




Handmade jewelry is fun to do and you can make your own stunning earrings in minutes. You can find the jewelry tools and supply online. All you need is imagination and you are ready to begin. You can wear the earrings yourself, or you can offer them as gifts to your friends or family.

Below I will show you an easy method for making a nice pair of dangle beaded earrings.


  1.     You will need:

–       a pair of round nose pliers


–       a pair of chain-nose pliers


–       a pair of cutting pliers

–       a jump ring opener 

–       two fish hook ear wires

–       wooden beads

–       two eye pins

–       two jump rings

–       two flower metal charms

Duration: 14-15 minutes



  1.     Thread the wooden beads onto the eye pin. 


  1.     Cut the eye pin to size, using the cutting pliers. 


Make sure to leave 0.4 inches (1 cm) between the last bead and the end of the wire, to form the loop. 


  1.     Bend the pin to an angle of 90 degrees with the chain nose pliers. 


With the round nose pliers, curl the top of the eye pin, forming the loop. 


  1.     Attach the fish hook ear wire before you complete the loop. 


Tighten the loop. 


  1. Open the jump ring with the jump ring opener and the chain nose pliers. 


  1.     Attach the flower metal charm to the jump ring. 


  1.     Attach the jump ring on the loop of the eye pin. 


Close the jump ring. 


  1. Repeat the entire process, to make the second earring. Enjoy the earrings you created! 



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