Digimon Survive Karma Guide – Moral, Harmony, Wrathful

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Struggling to get to grips with Digimon Survive Karma?

Dialogue choices are an integral part of Digimon Survive.

The game’s Visual Novel elements share equal importance with its tactical battles, and keeping your companions happy and boosting their affinity improves your chances of survival.

But if you think that your dialogue choices have no lasting impact beyond character affinities, you’d be sorely mistaken.

When Digimon Survive offers you multiple story or dialogue choices, your responses are almost always going to affect your Karma. Karma comes in three varieties in Digimon Survive, Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony.

These three forms of Karma add up over the course of the game, and your choice of which to prioritize will eventually shape the direction the story takes.

We’ll walk you through each of the three types and their impact on your journey through Digimon Survive.

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Digimon Survive: Moral Karma 

Assuming the qualities most associated with Digimon protagonists will reward you with Moral Karma in Digimon Survive.

Choices granting Moral Karma are those that have you making an active attempt to not only live through danger but do good in dire circumstances. Moral rewards putting justice ahead of selfish or momentarily-beneficial actions. 

Moral Karma allows Vaccine-type Digimon to be more easily recruited. 

Digimon Survive: Wrathful Karma 

While the name may lead you to believe that Wrathful options are some kind of evil route for Digimon Survive, the reality is not so dramatic. 

Takuma is awarded Wrathful Karma when you select direct options, focusing on the situation at hand and potentially neglecting choices that focus on your companions and their feelings.

Wrathful is received when making choices that confront your problems head-on; fighting when the odds are stacked against you, venturing outside of safe areas to look for supplies, and probing into the mystery of your surroundings. 

Wrathful Karma is associated with Virus-type Digimon, giving you a boost when talking to and recruiting them. 

Digimon Survive: Harmony Karma

Harmony is considered to be the neutral choice in Digimon Survive.

But this does not mean that you’ll only receive boosts to it by acting passively and hedging your bets.

Harmony Karma is rewarded when making choices that prioritize your companions, their safety, and their emotions. Choices awarding Harmony have you playing peacemaker, seeking alternatives to conflict, and talking things out wherever possible.  

Data-type Digimon correspond with Harmony Karma. 


Digimon Survive Moral Wrathful Harmony Karma Digivolution

Karma not only affects how easy it is to add more Digimon to your ranks, it also directly impacts the strength of your starter Digimon.

Agumon’s Digivolution line changes depending on your highest Karma attribute. Having primarily Moral means that Agumon Digivolve into Greymon. Harmony allows him to become Tyrannomon and Wrathful transforms him into Tuskmon.

This continues with further Karma-based changes for Ultimate and Mega Digivolutions too.

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