Digimon Survive – How to Get Greymon

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This guide will help you digivolve Agumon and grab a Greymon for your party in Digimon Survive.

As Pikachu is to Pokémon, Agumon is to Digimon. The happy-go-lucky little Dinosaur is the mascot of the whole ‘mon franchise, and its first Digivolution – Greymon – is just as popular.

It’s no surprise that Agumon is your main partner Digimon in Digimon Survive, but what is a surprise is that it’s possible to miss out on Greymon altogether.

We’ll help you make sure that you get Greymon with our Digimon Survive guide.

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Digimon Survive – Moral Karma

Digimon Survive’s Karma system is a surprisingly deep addition to the franchise.

Your dialogue and story choices earn you Karma of three possible types; Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony. Moral is awarded for just, honorable actions, Wrathful comes from being bold and confrontational, and Harmony relies on being a peacemaker and emotionally intuitive.

The Greymon line is no longer the default when Agumon Digivolves in Digimon Survive. The Karma type that you have the most points in at key story moments directly impacts the form that Agumon takes when he Digivolves.

To guarantee that Agumon becomes Greymon, you need to make choices that grant you Moral Karma wherever possible. Then, when facing Dokugumon at the end of Digimon Survive chapter 1, Agumon Digivolves into Greymon

A helpful reminder: when you’re presented with three dialogue choices, Moral Karma is usually rewarded for picking the left-most option. Defaulting to this choice ensures that you gain access to Greymon.

Is Greymon Permanent?

Unlike those recruited from free battles, Partner Digimon in Digimon Survive don’t stay in their evolved forms permanently.

Agumon reverts to rookie form at the end of the battle with Dokugumon. But don’t worry; from that point on, Greymon is unlocked, and Agumon can digivolve at any time in battle.

When fighting with Greymon at your side, be sure to keep an eye on his SP, as every turn spent in a digivolved form passively drains some SP, on top of the special attacks you might be using. You wouldn’t want to lose access to Greymon at a crucial moment.

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