Cuisinart ICE-100 1.5-Quart Compressor Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

We’re kicking off the 2022 Ice Cream Season with THREE WEEKS of ice cream recipes and a very cool ice cream maker giveaway.

I can hardly wait. There are a whole lot of ice cream recipes around here already, but can you ever have enough ice cream??

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The best and easiest Homemade Ice Cream - get the recipe at

This giveaway is for the Cuisinart ICE-100 1.5-Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker (list price $545, currently on sale for $299).

This type of ice cream maker uses the same compressor technology used for refrigerators and freezers for fast cooling. They do not need any pre-frozen ingredients or parts.

No bowls to freeze, no salt or ice to melt, just turn it on and start churning batch after creamy batch of homemade ice cream.

If you’ve been reading this site for long at all, you might recall that I’ve been known to call our compressor ice cream maker “my beloved” and it still holds true that if I could only have one of the two, I’d get rid of my KitchenAid mixer in order to have the compressor ice cream maker in my home forever. Yes, it’s that amazing.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

As one of the pricier ice cream makers on the market, this is a machine for people who are serious about making ice cream. (Note the 70+ ice cream recipes on this website for evidence of where I fall in that category.) 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in ice cream making options at home, this is the machine you want on your wishlist.

Ice Cream Maker Review - Cuisinart compressor machine

Cuisinart ICE-100 1.5-Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

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