CoD: Vanguard Weapons Tier List (July 2022)

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In this CoD: Vanguard tier list, we’ll be ranking the weapons from best to worst from S tier to D tier.

CoD: Vanguard is very gameplay and gun-centric.

Hence why a weapons tier list is being made.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has been out for almost a year now.

This years’ CoD offers the staple modes of most CoDs set around World War 2.

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Of course, the strongest weapons will be classed within the S tier category, and the weakest being in D tier.

There is many benefits for a weapon list for Vanguard, this includes

  • Seeing which weapons are the best and worst in the game currently, this can optimise your load outs
  • A fun way to see which guns are the best currently
  • Helps you understand what the ‘meta’ is currently, allowing to strategise in multiplayer.

S-tier weapons in CoD: Vanguard

Source: CharlieIntel, 2021

The most powerful tier in CoD: Vanguard. These weapons will allow you to dominate in the multiplayer field when optimised.

If you’re looking for the most meta weapons pick these for your classes.

  • Machine Pistol (Handgun)
  • Volk (Assault Rifle)
  • STG44 (Assault Rifle)
  • MP-40 (SMG)

A-tier weapons in CoD: Vanguard

Source: Gfinity, 2022

The second highest tier in the weapon list.

These weapons are still very powerful however may need further optimisation to become strong.

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The A tier weapons is where you’ll find weapons that are somewhat less powerful than S-tier guns.

  • BAR (Assault Rifle)
  • DP27 (LMG)
  • MG42 (LMG)
  • Kar98k (Sniper Rifle)

B-tier weapons in CoD: Vanguard

Source: Dot Esports, 2021

The third highest tier in the weapon tier list. These guns are still in a good place as they’re well-rounded

These guns can also be deemed versatile through the gunsmith.

  • Sten (SMG)
  • Itra Burst (Assault Rifle)
  • 3-Line Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
  • M1 Garand (Marksman’s Rifle)
  • 1911 (Handgun)

C-tier weapons in CoD: Vanguard

Source: Gfinity, 2022

The fourth highest tier in the weapons tier list. These guns are very specialised and niche.

They hold considerably less value than other tiers and are situational guns at most times.

  • Panzerschreck (Launcher)
  • Revolving Shotgun (Shotgun)
  • FS Fighting Knife (Melee)
  • Bren (LMG)

D-tier weapons in CoD: Vanguard

Source: Gamepur, 2021

The weakest tier of them all. These weapons should be avoided most times as they bring no value to your gameplay.

  • Ratt (Handgun)
  • Bazooka (Launcher)
  • Auto-Loading Shotgun (Shotgun)

What do you think is the optimal load out for Vanguard? Let us know in the comments what you currently run in Vanguard!

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