Cheese Grater Owl – Crafts by Amanda

Hi friends, meet Hootie. We never expected to name our cheese grater owl, but this little guy turned out so cute that we felt he deserved a name!

Garden Decor from an Upcycled Cheese Grater

Not only did we make a super cute decoration for the outdoor garden but we used materials we had around the house. An old stainless cheese grater, some mason jar lids, bottle caps, a tree branch, and copper wire were all that were needed to create this little guy. If you have leftover bottle caps from this project, see this Bottle Cap Horse and Bottle Cap Flower for your garden as well. It feels good to upcycle!

Although this lil’ owl is utterly adorable, his edges are quite sharp (he’s made from a cheese grater after all!). Be sure to place him in the garden away from curious little hands. Over time, the stainless steel will rust adding to the “rustic look” intended for an outdoor garden.

Cheese grater owl on branch

Materials Needed:

supplies needed to make a cheese grater owl

How To Make a Cheese Grater Owl:

Preparing the Owl Eyes

The lids will form the owl’s eyes to be secured in place with screws. To determine where to drill the holes, create a paper template of the owl eyes.

Trace the largest mason jar lid on to a piece of paper and cut out the circle.

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