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Bob Ross is well known for his leisurely approach to creativity, producing paintings on the fly that might have “mistakes” covered up by happy little trees, or clouds, or just left to be an expression of a happy accident.

Cross-stitch designer Haley Pierson-Cox took Ross’ famous quotes and aesthetic as inspiration for the designs in Bob Ross Cross Stitch, which includes 12 patterns and a kit with supplies to make two of the projects.

The patterns include a lot of text, with phrases like “There is an artist hidden in every single one of us” surrounded by painting supplies or “anything we don’t like, we turn it into a happy little tree” with, of course, trees.

I looked at a PDF copy of this book but it looked like the charts were well-sized and easy to read. This would be a fun book for anyone who likes Bob Ross, or you can stitch up these sweet and colorful projects for your Ross-loving friends. What a great confluence of two great crafts, painting and cross stitch.

Bob Ross Cross Stitch is set to be released Aug. 30, 2022. You can preorder it on Amazon.

About the book: 48 pages, 12 patterns plus cross-stitch materials. Published August 2022 by becker&meyer! books. Suggested retail price $22.99. Publisher’s website.

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