Black Friday SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL deals 2022

Upgrade your gaming experience with some style and new tech with these Black Friday SteelSeries Apex Pro deals

Updated: Sep 28, 2022 8:44 am

If you want the key to a good Black Friday deal on the SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL – we’re here to help you out.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of the manufacturer’s most popular gaming keyboards – and comes in two flavors. There’s a standard variety with the number pad – and the slightly smaller Pro TKL model for those who like their keyboards a little more compact. TKL stands for Tenkeyless – and as the name suggests, literally removes some keys in the form of the number pad (it’s not actually ten, but who’s counting?)  

Its big selling point is the keyboard’s adjustable mechanical switches – that let you adjust the sensitivity per individual key. It’s also got a handy OLED Smart Display so you can have important information show up there without taking up valuable screen real estate.

So of course, it’s likely to be in heavy demand this Black Friday – so if you want to make sure you save a few pennies – you’ve come to the right place.  

Best SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL deals 2022

We’re still a little way out from Black Friday at the time of writing. Nevertheless, some retailers have already started slashing prices ahead of the big day. Here’s the best of what we’ve found so far:

Where to find the best SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL Black Friday deals?

SteelSeries products are all over your favorite retailers – understandable, being one of the most popular hardware brands. Amazon and Best Buy are usually your best bet for the deepest discounts but don’t forget to keep your eyes on other retailers like Newegg, or Ebuyer. 

When will SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday arrives on the 25th of November 2022 this year. That’s right after Thanksgiving in the US on the day before.

Cyber Monday rolls around next, popping up just a few days later on November 28th. Often, most discounts go live over the entire weekend – and sometimes there are more discounts on Monday too.

We’ll try and keep this hub updated with all the best deals as we spot them

Why buy a SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL keyboard this Black Friday?

Build Quality

The SteelSeries Apex Pro regularly ranks highly among our best gaming keyboards, and for good reason. For a premium keyboard, you expect something that can withstand the demands of the modern gamer – and the SteelSeries Apex Pro doesn’t disappoint. The aluminum body is durable as heck and gives the keyboard a nice solid feel. 


The RGB lighting may be the obvious part of this – but this keyboard has plenty of other options to truly make it your own. A lot of this includes the ability to customize your actuation distance and the resistance on a per-key basis. If you’re someone who uses WSAD a lot – your fingers will thank you.

It also means you’re much less likely to make typos when using it for writing too, so for a keyboard that’s great for both gaming and work – you’ll be hard-pressed to find better options. 

OLED Smart Display

The little LED display is handier than you might think for its diminutive size. You can have things on there like volume, temperature sensors, or the next song on your playlist. Yes, these are all things you can have on your screen while gaming, but is there anything worse than having to tab out from an intense gaming session to check your system temperatures?

Black Friday SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL FAQs

Is the SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL worth it?

We think so. It’s currently sitting pretty on the very top of our list of the best mechanical keyboards. In fact, our only real complaint was that the rubber wrist rest can be a bit of a dust magnet.

Is SteelSeries Apex Pro/Pro TKL mechanical?

Yes, the SteelSeries Apex Pro and the Pro TKL are both mechanical keyboards.

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