Best Perks For Steven Universe In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show you how the best perks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe is an interesting character in the MultiVersus universe.

A good support character that can provide additional armour for allies and deflecting projectiles.

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Having a Steven Universe on your team is not a deterrent to the composition, the character provides ample crowd-control block for you!

These recommended perks will look to enhance Steven Universe’s play in the arena.

Source: VGC, 2022

Steven Universe’s support strength comes when he uses shields and abilities to provide buffs, support and heals.

This will directly influence what type of perks will be built around him.

Without further ado, here are Steven Universe’s recommended perks:

  • Bounce Bubble – A signature ability for Steven Universe. This perk extends the hit stun and further velocity after knocked into Steven’s wall or shields. Both of these abilities Steven have are key to proc this perk. The buffs with the perk increases your attacking ability so you can hold your own in two on twos!
  • Triple Jump – A regular perk to equip for Steven Universe. This perk allows you to retrieve an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air.
  • Ice To Beat You! – An offence perk for Steven. This means allies projectiles do one stack of ice if it knocks enemies back. This is okay by itself however with an mage ally, such as Tom & Jerry – this could happen a lot more often!
  • Up, Up, And A-Slay! – This perk is very useful for vertical characters, Steven synergises with this very well too as he is one of them. An additional vertical based character could be great too for an additional bonus. Damage also increases that launch enemies upwards which can be fatal for KOs.

These perks are only recommendations however. Only way you can mould your play style is if you… play.

So find who you mesh with the most and get grinding before Season One begins!

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