Best Perks For Jake In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show you the best perks for Jake in MultiVersus.

Another player from Adventure Time alongside Finn is Jake!

Jake is another bruiser character in MultiVersus, and alongside being a bruiser is an excellent support character on your team.

While his stretches do provide him with a lot of range, he can deal damage to enemies trying to retreat due to his reach.

A good controller in the arena, he is a great ally that you can have on the team that provides reach.

Best Perks for Jake in MultiVersus

Source: The Loudout, 2022

As listed, these are the best perks that are recommended to try for Jake:

  • Sticky – This is one of his best perks, while it briefly stuns enemies that touch Jake when he is stretching, it also makes them excellent targets to hit.
  • Triple Jump – This provides an extra jump to your teammates once they strike an enemy mid-air, it is also a good survivability.
  • Lumpy Space Punch – While attacking in the air, the melee damage of the team increases by 10%
  • Last Stand – As soon as your team reaches 100 damage, your team deals 10% additional damage.

Additionally, if you have Finn on your team, considering using the Wildcat Brawler perk.

This perk is a damage dealer and also goes across the team to where damage is dealt 10% more. This is one of the best perks for Jake.

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Jake is a bruiser, so he will be upfront in the action a lot. An ally such as Velma or Reindog to get some utility stability in the composition.

However, these are recommendations! Play around with what you feel comfortable with the most.

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