Best Perks For Harley Quinn In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll recommend you the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus.

Harley Quinn is currently classed as an assassin in MultiVersus, she is a strong dualist in the game.

These perks can definitely enhance her gameplay alongside her ability to dominate in 1v1 situations.

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However, in order to play her you will need to unlock her as she is currently classed as an locked player!

Best Perks for Harley Quinn

Source: The Loudout, 2022

For the lucky people who do have her though, these perks look to be the strongest to synergise with her:

  • Confetti Explosion – This is one of the best perks you can use with Harley Quinn. The perk causes an explosion which launches enemies upwards. You can perform devastating combos including this perk to exploit your enemies.
  • Triple Jump – Being apart of an assassin class, a lot of Harley’s attacks are mid-air. While in the air, getting an extra jump would be more benefit than harm! This perk would work really well with her kit!
  • Coffeezilla – While having strong allies around her, this perk would be beneficial. The specials of your team will have 10% reduction for CD (cooldowns). This effectively makes them a lot faster.
  • Vertical Damage Boost – Since most of Harley’s combos and attacks are in the air, she can attack enemies vertically which could be lethal. This perk adds even more damage and help Harley deal brutal damage.

These additional perks are also worth to consider whilst levelling up Harley too

  • Smooth Moves
  • Glove Control

It’s important to keep Harley’s perks very centric to her playstyle, she shines the most in 1v1 duels.

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