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Drones are slowly getting more and more accessible to the masses, with prices, ease of use, and customizability all increasing year over year.

This means that the popularity of drones, particularly FPV drones is at an all-time high. So, let’s have a look at the best FPV Drone of 2022, and while we’re at it, we’ll go through what you need to keep in mind too.

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Things to consider when buying the best FPV Drone of 2022

Drones, while gradually dropping in price, can still be a large investment. This means you should be mindful of a few things before hitting that big red ‘BUY’ button.

Let’s look at what you need to consider while browsing for the best FPV drone you can get in 2022.


As with many other things, you get what you pay for, with features, performance, and reliability growing in tandem with the price.

However, there does reach a point where you begin to fall victim to diminishing returns, so don’t just keep increasing your budget. At least attempt to stay within it.

Flight time

This is the measure of how long the drone can be airborne between battery swaps or recharges. Due to drones being quadcopters, instead of fixed-wing aircraft, they lack the ability to glide.

Meaning that they can and will fall out of the sky if the battery dies. So, the longer the flight time the better.

However, as we mentioned earlier, batteries are heavy, so a balance must be struck between flight time and performance. A huge battery with great flight time would dampen the abilities of an otherwise nimble drone.


This affects stability, flight time, and portability. One of the main advantages of FPV drones is the ease of transportation, as you don’t need a vehicle to get to your flying location.

The weight goes hand in hand with the battery life we mentioned in the ‘Flight time’ section. As the battery often makes up most of the weight of the drone, it’s worth considering which aspect is a higher priority, flight time, or weight.


This doesn’t refer to how far the drone is capable of flying, but to how far away it can be without you losing the ability to control it.

For this consideration, the longer the range the better. We don’t recommend pushing the limit too much, lest you lose control and plow your newly-purchased drone into a tree or a bench, or a child.

So, as with better life the longer the range, the better, this is especially important for seasoned pilots with the skills to go further from the base.

The beginners amongst you can get by without much range but as your skills improve, you might find yourself wanting for more range.

The best FPV drones of 2022

That’s the boring stuff over and done with. So, let’s move on to what we all want to see, the very best FPV drones


DJI FPV Drone Combo


4k Resolution, 150° FOV, up to 120FPS