Best Blightcaller Skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Every class in Wonderlands has a lot of different skills, but which are the best for the new Blightcaller?

There are some powerful Tier 1 abilities as well as Blightcaller’s Tier 6 keystone ability, Spirit Swarm.

Note that these skills are listed in no particular order. Number one is not necessarily the best one. The order is completely random. Enjoy!

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Best Blightcaller Skills Wonderlands
Image via Gearbox Software

Best Blightcaller Skills in Wonderlands

Blightcaller Action Skill – Bog Totem

Summon a Bog Totem Companion at the target location, which periodically creates Elemental Spirits that seek out nearby enemies dealing Ability Damage and exploding on impact. 

Elemental Damage type is based on the Fatemaker’s currently equipped Gun when activated. Whenever the Fatemaker kills an enemy while Bog Totem is active, its Duration is partially restored.

Bog Totem has multiple charges, and Pinging an enemy causes your Bog Totem to target them.

Companion builds have been quite popular in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Now with the addition of the Blightcaller class from DLC 4, we have another one to add to the list.

Bog Totem is a different companion. It doesn’t move. It’s more like Aaxton’s turret from Borderlands 2.

Bog Totem falls in the category of elemental damage abilities and is great for the end-game. You can stack and up the damage of this companion with your other skills and secondary class.

It works best paired with Clawbringer and Spore Warden.

Passive Blightcaller Skill #5 – Restore the Veil

Life Leech from Dark Magic now restores Ward instead. Maximum Ward is increased. Maximum Health is decreased.

Blightcaller relies heavily on elemental damage. Restore the Veil has awesome synergy with other abilities like Flawless Edge, another great skill in the Blightcaller’s kit.

Passive Skill #4 – Bog Down

Dealing Non-Status Effect Poison Damage has a chance to create a Water Nova, Soaking all nearby enemies.

Soaked enemies take more damage from Lightning and Frost, but less damage from Fire. This ability has a short cooldown.

Soaking is a new effect that wasn’t present when Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands released. It was only added on some weapons and spells in the DLCs.

It is a great debuff applied on enemies that can add up to millions of damage dealt with elemental damage sources.

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Best Blightcaller Skills Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Image via Gearbox Software

Passive Skill #3 – Flawless Edge

Gain increased Damage Dealt based on how full your Ward is. The fuller your Ward, the greater the bonus.

A huge damage buff, that increases ALL damage sources, not only gun damage, spell damage, etc. Flawless Edge relies on synergies with other Blightcaller skills like Wraithmail, which restores shield on kill.

Passive Skill #2 – Geist in the Shell

Gun Critical Hits have a chance to create a homing Poison Bog Spirit that seeks out nearby enemies dealing Poison Ability Damage and exploding on impact.

When paired with Stabbomancer, it has a huge potential. While using From the Shadows, you can make every shot a critical hit.

Passive Skill #1 – Spirit Swarm

Applying a Status Effect creates a Spirit Swarm Companion that seeks out and damages nearby enemies, dealing Status Effect Damage of the applied Status Effect’s Damage type. 

While Spirit Swarm is active, its duration is partially restored after applying a Status Effect.

Applying a stronger Status Effect fully refreshes its duration, and updates the Spirit Swarm’s Damage Dealt and Damage type based on the applied Status Effect. Pinging an enemy redirects the Spirit Swarm.

This is the keystone skill for the Blightcaller. In the late game matching elements to enemies’ health bar is a must. This allows you to overwhelm your foes with waves of elemental damage and melt their HP.

These are some of the best Blightcaller skills in Wonderlands. Now you know what to pick when it comes to speccing your abilities.


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