Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List – the best characters (August 2022)

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This is the tier list of Apex Legends’ Season 14, showcasing the best characters as of August 2022, the launch of Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted is on the horizon which releases tomorrow – August 9th, 2022.

We’ll be seeing a brand new leaderboard and map rotation including a new character – Vantage.

Source: Respawn, 2022

To get a rundown on Vantage, her abilities are listed below:

  • Spotters Lens (Passive) – The zoom feature lets the legend get info on the location of the enemy team. It also utilises a shield and can share the spotter information with teammates. It negates bullet drop.
  • Echo Relocation (Tactical) – Vantage can order Echo around the field. She can also launch herself to his location using her jetpack.
  • Sniper’s Mark (Ultimate) – Marks a target and does 50 damage. This is increased to 100 damage if the enemy is marked. The mark also increases damage after an ally hits that marked enemy.

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For this tier list, for now we’ll exclude Vantage once we’re able to see her in action and through pro-play that will influence her ranking too!

Alongside this, a bunch of changes will be present including changes to existing legends – hence for this updated tier list for Season 14.

Of course, it’s expected that the game will receive a fresh and updated battle pass for players to grind, and other goodies.

However, a lot of people are curious how the legends will shift when the new season begins.

Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List

Here is our updated tier-list for the long-awaited Season 14: Hunted:

*Vantage is not included

Tier Legends
S-tier Bloodhound, Ash & Gibraltar
A-tier Wraith, Valkyrie, Lifeline, Seer & Octane
B-tier Pathfinder, Caustic, Newcastle, Wattson, Loba, Rampart, Horizon & Bangalore
C-tier Revenant, Fuse, Crypto, Mirage, Mad Maggie

If you’re focused on climbing the ranked ladder as fast as possible, consider the upper echelon of this tier-list.

However, nothing is stopping you from mixing around with your pool so enjoy the season how you’d like!

Below, we’ll break down legends per tier as to why they belong in the tier as of pre-season 14.

Just because certain characters are in a lesser tier does not mean they are not viable.

It only means that due to the current meta, they wouldn’t be the strongest!

S-tier – the best characters in Season 14

The best of the best, if you want to find yourself winning the majority of your games, using this characters will maximise it.


Ash is one of the best characters in the game


  • Marked For Death – Ash’s map shows the location of recent death boxes and marks surviving attackers
  • Arc Snare – Throw a snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets close
  • Phase Breach – Tear opens a one way portal to a targeted location.

Ash was released back in Season 11, she is somewhat still new to the game however has quickly become one of the most useful.

Her kit has a very Ronin-class Titan in Titanfall 2 however has glimpses of Wraith and Wattson too.

Her one-way portal provides interesting options and her snare acts as as a somewhat trap that can surprise enemies.

If you play Ash, you have a great chance of dominating the match due to how strong she is.

However be aware of rival Ash’s and knowing how to fight one as it’ll be as equally as daunting!

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Bloodhound has been reliable since Season One


  • Tracker – Finds clues left behind by foes to help tracker her movements.
  • Eye of the Allfather – Briefly reveal enemies, traps and clues infront of Bloodhound to inspect
  • Beast of the Hunt – The ultimate, enhances Bloodhound’s senses, this allows to see cold tracks and makes Bloodhound move faster.

Good ol’ reliable Bloodhound. Bloodhound has been consistent for a long time now.

One of the original legends which means that the legend does not need to be unlocked!

The main abilities they have is that they can scan opponents and reveal enemy positions. A great character to expose enemies.

While Bloodhound has received certain nerfs, the legend still remains at the top.

Not only does their ultimate ability give them a speed boost, but allows you to scan more frequently too! A great all-around ultimate.


Gibraltar’s dome is one of the best tactical abilities in the game


  • Gun Shield – Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire
  • Dome of Protection – Throw down a dome shield that blocks (allies & enemies) attacks for twelve seconds.
  • Defensive Bombardment – Ultimate, call in a concentrated mortar strike on a position you mark.

Gibraltar or ‘Gibby’ is one of the most popular picks in Apex Legends.

A pro-heavy pick as it was picked a lot during the global series is within reason.

This legend is a life-saver (literally) with a plethora of defensive abilities in his arsenal.

His Gun Shield passive adds extra on top of his shields and his dome of protection is still one of the best tactical abilities in the game.

The dome of protection can be used in many situations i.e rotating out of a risky spot, or pushing teams without minimal cover.

A situational, but very strong ability.

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Octane has proven to stand his ground in Apex Legends

These options are good, however can lack at times compared to the S-tier picks.

Don’t be fooled though, these picks are still great in solo-queue and competitive.

  • Valkyrie (Missile Swarm / VTOL Jets / Skyward Dive) – Valkyrie’s passive ability is very strong as she can navigate the map a lot easier. However not being able to fire a weapon while in this state are factors that does not bump her into S-tier. However, Valkyrie is still super useful with dealing a lot of damage. A great end-game legend.
  • Octane (Swift Mend / Stim / Launch Pad) – The fastest character in the game. Octane is very popular at the moment. He currently boasts a 11.3% pick rate – one of the highest in the game. This could be due to how solo-centric the player is, making it a very popular character to use in solo queue. A reliable player however will need his team to be as aggressive to really get the most out of Octane and his kit.
  • Lifeline (Combat Medic / D.O.C. Heal Drone / Care Package) – Lifeline lost the shield when she was reviving allies however still finds herself in a strong position entering Season 14. Lifeline’s Care Package got a nice rework this season so it should be able to provide items that are more useful, reducing the RNG.
  • Wraith (Voice from the Void, Into the Void, Dimensional Rift) – Wraith gets a bad reputation sometimes, however can be extremely hard to beat when on a skilled player. She can be very solo-centric at times however is very handy at repositioning for the team and flanking. Great Wraith players can hold their own however still be able to provide good positions for her team too, however in regards to potential, the skies the limit.
  • Seer (Focus of Attention, Heart Seeker, Exhibit) – Seer is definitely still at the top of his game. Regardless of a nerf, Seer is still really strong in this meta and his passive ability is one of the best in the game. His abilities are very similart to Bloodhound, however he can’t detect players moving at normal speed, only if they run. Many Bloodhound mains have seen the switch to Seer due to versatility reasons and that his abilities are a very powerful if used right. A patch released by Respawn however brought him down to A-tier, he’s not as overpowered as he used to be.
  • Newcastle (Retrieve the Wounded / Mobile Shield / Castle Wall) – The latest character in the game sees himself currently in low A-tier. It may be too high of a position as he does lean into the niche playstyle. However as a natural defensive character he provides more mobility and is a great legend to hold out in battles and increase survivability for himself and the team. Be aware though, in team-fights he does drop off a lot so be cautious in how you use him in team-fighting scenarios.


Rampart received a buff, however she’s been tuned a little

These picks could be good, however are very situational characters that only suit a specific niche.

  • Caustic (Nox Vision / Nox Gas Trap / Nox Gas Grenade) – In terms of close-quarter engagements and traps, there is no better than Caustic. His grenades provide multi plicated damage and can set up for easier situations in team v team scenarios. Caustic back in Season 8 took some severe hits, however sees himself healthy again in this meta. He should be able to get a healthy amount of picks this season in public competitive queues.
  • Rampart (Modded Loader / Amped Cover / Emplaced Minigun) – Rampart got a HUGE buff during her ‘Town Takeover’ event. It’s seen Rampart useable in this meta however she has been tuned down since as she was overpowered at one point. Respawn getting ahead of themselves too much!
  • Wattson (Spark of Genius / Perimeter Security / Interception Pylon) – Wattson has declined recently, her pick rates are continuously dropping. Her fences don’t feel as effective as they once did, with a buff hopefully in the works. We’ll see what Respawn do with her and she does need more life in her.
  • Loba (Eye for Quality / Burglar’s Best Friend / Black Market Boutique) – While seeing loot through walls, this allows you set up your team for a lot of premium goodies! Her most powerful ability is her tactical one, which allows for an instant teleport wherever she throws her bracelet, it’s a lot more accurate now and allows for quick reposition. However, she’s placed in B-tier as at times she does feel pretty underpowered.
  • Pathfinder (Insider Knowledge, Grappling Hook, Zipline Gun) – Pathfinder used to be one of the most popular picks in Apex Legends, even in competitive! However Respawn has thrown many nerfs towards this legend that has haltered his potential. However there are flashes where Pathfinder plays somewhat well.
  • Horizon (Spacewalk / Gravity Lift / Black Hole) – A serious nerf has seen Horizon in B-tier. Respawn reduced her tactical ability which saw a big halter in her abilities. Nowadays, she is very niche of a pick.

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Revenant may look intimidating, however he’s pretty weak in this meta!
  • Revenant (Stalker / Silence / Death Totem) – Revenant’s kit is terrifying, coming up with a good Revenant is certainly not easy however still sees itself as underpowered compared to other characters. His abilities also notify nearby enemies (pretty loud!) so his kit is not sneaky by any means.
  • Fuse (Grenadier / Knuckle Cluster / The Motherlode) – Unfortunately, Fuse is still not good. Whilst receiving a buff previously adding more to his arsenal, the character still seems underpowered. His kit is still not up to standard and does very little damage with knuckle cluster. Respawn currently have Fuse in a very, very awkward position.
  • Crypto (Neurolink / Surveillance Drone / Weapon Drone EMP) – The buffs Crypto got in Season 12 raised him a little, however not by much. When the legend arrived he was useful – however as the game grew, the legend become more and more irrelevant. His EMP still doesn’t do enough damage! For an ultimate ability it has to be one of the weakest in the game. Not to forget, his drone got a little nerf – it’s health being reduced to 50 from 60.
  • Bangalore (Double Time / Smoke Launcher / Rolling Thunder) – Whilst Bangalore is in this position, she is a great legend to get down if you’re looking to become more aggressive of a player without the kit being demanding skill-wise. However her ultimate ability is one of the weakest. Gibraltar’s own ultimate, a very similar projectile ultimate does a lot more damage than Bangalores. A good legend to start with – however once you know how to play the game, time to move on.
  • Mad Maggie (Warlod’s Ire / Riot Drill / Wrecking Ball) – Introduced in Season 12, this is an example of a new legend not always being the best in the game. Mad Maggie sees herself down here in C-tier. There are just more viable options of characters to use, her tactical ability is almost as useless as it prevents you from being invulnerable due to the exposure issues. Her ultimate ability isn’t horrible though. Being a huge grenade it can track enemies who are trying to run away from it – further exposing them.
  • Mirage (Now You See Me / Pysche Out / Life of the Party) – Mirage now sees himself as one of the weakest in the game, his abilities and the fact that other characters have released have made him a lot more weaker than initially.

There you have it! Our recommended tier list currently as Season 14 is launching.

Don’t forget, that Season 14: Hunted is launching tomorrow at 6PM BST, that’s 10AM Pacific and 1PM Eastern!

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