8 Toys For Your Cat You Can Crochet – Crochet

This Crochet pattern roundup is all about toys, not for babies, but for your cats! Yep, all of these crochet patterns are for making little toys for your cats or kittens. Some use catnip and some are just for frolicking fun.

What is catnip ? Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family. Catnip leaves have actually been used to make tea, and the flowers are said to relieve coughs. It’s also a main ingredient in some natural bug sprays.

Cats commonly react to catnip by sniffing, licking, eating, rolling, and rubbing their cheeks on it, it can make them hyperactive or chilled, it really depends on your cat. Either way, they enjoy it.  You can buy dried catnip

to add to your toys here.  

Mouse Toy

Bouncy door hanger toy 

Amigurumi Cat Toy

Sardines in a Tin Cat Toy

Fortune Cookie 

Goldfish Cat Toy

Catnip Toy Mouse



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