26+ Fruit Themed Cross Stitch Patterns – Cross-Stitch

This roundup of cross stitch patterns is delicious and perfect on the tastebuds. All of these cross stitch patterns are for fruit.  I have included a huge variety of fruit, but if you know of something I have missed, comment below and send me the link.

Some of these fruit charts are for slices of fruit, fruit on their own, and even a couple of fruit saying too.   Fruit cross stitch is perfect for the kitchen area.

Summer Fruit

Orange Fruit 

You’re a-peeling

Berry Sampler


Summer Pineapple Drink

Lemonade Drink 

Fruit Punch 


4th of July Watermelon 

 Picnic Time! – Free Cross Stitch Pattern 

Lemons cross stitch pattern

Strawberry Bouquet cross stitch pattern

Grape cross stitch pattern

Pears cross stitch pattern



Cherry Couple cross stitch pattern

Pineapple cross stitch pattern

Strawberry Pyramid cross stitch pattern 

Random Lemon Cross Stitch Chart 

Grille gratuite : En passant par la Lorraine

 Fruit basket 



Lemon Tree cross stitch pattern

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