25 Tulip Cross Stitch Patterns To Stitch – Cross-Stitch


I am slowly running out of space with these Tulip patterns, I think I have printed and set aside around 10 of them into my MUST DO folder. I don’t know what it is , but I have always had a thing for Tulips, they radiate spring and just always look so prim and proper and stern and remind me of a woman standing straight back and proud with great posture.

Striped Tulip

Yellow Tulips

Watercolor Tulip

Spring Favorites

Geometric Tulips 

Tulip In A Frame cross stitch pattern

Tulips cross stitch pattern

Yellow Tulip cross stitch pattern

Thank God cross stitch pattern 

Yellow Tulips cross stitch pattern

Tulips’s field- cross-stitch pattern 

Cross-stitch pattern “Yellow Tulips”

Cross-stitch design “Tulips in a vase” 

Cross-stitch pattern “Tulips”

Cross-stitch pattern “Marigold” 

“Magnolias” – cross-stitch pattern for wall clock

Hardanger-techniques – Free Cross-stitch patterns 

3 Tulips

Small and simple cross stitch pattern of three red tulips

Tulips – free cross stitch patterns simple unique alphabets baby

Pink tulip very easy

A realistic pot of colored tulip

Fantasy tulips. Free cross stitch pattern

Tulips in the sun. Free cross stitch pattern

Spring tulips. Free cross stitch pattern 

Holland is still the largest producer of tulips but it is actually native to Asia.  Tulips are actually a part of the lily family, which also includes onions, garlic, and asparagus. Tulip petals are actually able to be eaten, during the Dutch famine of 1944 in WWII people often had to resort to eating sugar beets and tulips

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