15 Crafts Using Mop Heads – Home and Garden

This roundup of crafts shares with you 15 different variations on using mop heads to create DIY handmade decorations. I have included some seasonal projects such as mop head pumpkins, and mop heads Christmas gnomes.  So why do we use mop heads? These particular mop heads are generally bought from the dollar tree and at just $1.25 ( prices went up in 2022) using these dollar tree mops is a great way to save money on your DIY projects.

Crafters are well known for being frugal when it comes to crafting, not because we are poor, but crafting is expensive, so being able to save money on supplies here and there is a great way to keep on budget.

2020 also saw a decrease in stores being opened due to the pandemic and hence a need to find alternative sources for supplies became very popular.  Mop threads, mop strings, and whole mops are perfect for achieving a natural thick yarn effect.

Christmas gnome wreath using a mop — CraftBits.com

Dollar Tree Mop Pumpkins, an inexpensive yarn pumpkin craft

Heart Wreath DIY (Using a Mop Head) – Southern Crush at Home

Mop head yarn wall hanging – Cuckoo4Design 

How to make a huge tassel – Cuckoo4Design

DIY Mop Head Santa – The Shabby Tree

Mop Head Wreath – The Shabby Tree

DIY Gnome Ornament (Using a Mop Head)

Dollar Tree Boho Farmhouse DIY

DIY Farmhouse Decor with Corkboard Cow

DIY Mop String Macrame Decor

Dollar Tree Braided Pumpkin DIY (Using a Mop Head) 

How to make a Wall Hanging from a Mop

DIY Mop Pumpkin Wreath – The Shabby Tree 

How to Make a DIY Macrame Leaf/Feather (Using a Dollar Tree Mophead) 

Sometimes these mops can look too perfect, especially when using them for Gnomes, my suggestion is to wash your mop strings in a bucket of warm soapy water and hang them outside to dry, make sure it is hanging so that the threads dry straight. it is a great way to give a gnome a more rustic look.  You can also dye mop heads to create different colors, and use RID fabric dye the same way you would dye fabric.  Make sure to wring out the mop well so the dye does not bleed down your walls or door.



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