11 DIY Blush Powders And Tints You Can Make At Home – Bath and Body

Before we start talking about how to make your own makeup and blush, let’s take a moment to talk about why you should make your own makeup.

You have 100% control over the ingredients, Often made from natural ingredients such as mica powders and cornstarch, not chemicals and additives.

Even though getting started might seem expensive, just remember a blush from a beauty store could cost from $5-100+ per packet.  Some of the ingredients used for making your own blush can be used to create other DIY beauty products also, making it very affordable. The best reason to make your own blush is that you can control and customize the color to suit your own skin tones.

Arrowroot Powder

and rose Mica are the 2 most common ingredients in these recipes and both are very affordable. For a container, I purchased these powder makeup containers because I loved the bamboo look and they worked really well for me.

DIY Homemade Cream Blush Recipe With Two Ingredients

DIY Natural blush

Blush Stain 

DIY Natural Blush – 

DIY Natural Blush – The Pistachio Project 

Homemade Blush

Natural blush  

Simple All Natural Beauty Recipes To Craft In Your Kitchen

DIY Beauty: 100% Natural Cream Blush   

How To Make Natural Blush With Freeze-Dried Berries

Creamy Blush Sticks

Lip and cheek tint  made with lipstick so not as natural but super easy for experimenting

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