10 Poinsettia Christmas Flower Cross Stitch Patterns – Cross-Stitch

It turns out that I really struggle with the spelling of the word Poinsettia. I would have thought after writing this roundup of Cross stitch patterns and charts I would have mastered it, but no, I still keep getting it right. Now I am questioning if I am even saying the word right.  We don’t really have Poinsettia flowers here or maybe we do and I just didn’t know, but like the flowers, these patterns were equally hard to find, hence why this list is only a roundup of 10. If you know of some more cross-stitch patterns we should feature let us know by commenting below.


Poinsettias Snowflakes cross stitch pattern


Poinsettia – Free Cross Stitch Patterns 

Weihnachsstern von Lydia


Poinsettia. Free pattern – Better Cross Stitch 

Free poinsettia cross stitch – Gathered

Free Cross Stitch Patterns by EMS Design

Poinsettia – cross stitch pattern by Anne Peden

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and did you know they are not always red?  A native of southern Mexico, the poinsettia blooms in December and has been used in that country to decorate churches for centuries a Christmas Holiday trend this is becoming popular around the world.


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